Counts quickly and accurately! Counts up to 1,000 bills per minute while eliminating any doubt in the correctness of the count.
Defends against counterfeits with ultraviolet and magnetic ink
detection systems.
Advanced infrared detection ensures an accurate count every time. Catches any chain, double or half note issues!
Includes Count, Add, Batch and Add plus Batch modes for a wide
variety of money counting needs.
Value counting function



Hopper Capacity: 200 bills
Stacker Capacity: 200 bills
Counting Speed: Upto 1000 pcs/min
Dimension: 300x263x206 mm
Size of Countable Notes: 50x110~90x190 mm
Thickness of Notes: 0.075~0.15 mm
Counting Display: 4 digits
Batch Display: 3 digits
Net Weight: 5.6 kg
Power Supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz /AC 110V±10% 60Hz
Power Consumption: <80W


Magner 165 Series