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Enforcer 32WE/APP


The Enforcer 32-WE/APP is a wireless alarm system that has been designed with your security in mind; with quick and easy installation & minimal maintenance, the Enforcer 32-WE/APP protects your home with a multitude of unique features. Taking full advantage of Pyronix’s innovative two way wireless technology, the wireless devices on the Enforcer 32-WE/APP system are constantly communicating with each other, using the Pyronix High Security Wireless Encryption Protocol. The Enforcer 32-WE/APP two way wireless devices are fully operational when the system is armed, making your system more secure, compared to other wireless systems, where devices are disabled for up to five minutes after every activation to save battery, therefore compromising your security. Using the HomeControl+ App linked with the PyronixCloud, your customers can control their security system from anywhere in the world. It has been engineered by Pyronix as a secure, reliable and easy to use wireless alarm system.


  • Two Way Wireless Technology
  • Easy HomeControl+ app intergration
  • Instant Two way Device Control (ITDC)
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
  • Pyronix High Security two way wireless data encryption Protocol (TDE)
  • Programmable wireless supervision time
  • Pyronix intelligent jamming detection
  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Device
  • Encryption
  • One Push To Learn
  • Battery Monitoring/Saving
  • User Friendly Keyfobs
  • User Automation Outputs
  • SMS Text Notifications and Remote Control

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