Enhance Your Meeting with IPTEC Ultra-wide Integrated Video Walls


Businesses have struggled with the problem of poor access to visual assets for decades. Either they use a wireless projector of poor quality or they struggle with conventional LED devices that present challenges such as rigid hardware specifications, constant cabling and complicated designs. IPTEC LED empowers today’s businesses to access the visual advertising value.



Introducing the IPTEC Integrated Video Wall

IPTEC has been rapidly transforming meetings with cutting edge AV technology in the UK. Using LED screens had been a problem in conference rooms. The screen’s weight, size, and cabling specifications have become too much to deal with. IPTEC addresses the problem with a lightweight, narrow pixel and Video Wall which is easy to mount.


A Cutting edge Solution for Business Displays


Narrow pixel Technology

IPTEC  provides leading technologies for the Narrow pixel pitch (P1.2, P1.3, P1.4, P1.5, P1.9, P2.5).  It is ultra-thin at thickness of 
28.8 mm, and lightweight at just 4.8 kg. That’s 30 % lighter than the average industry.


Stand-alone Functionality

Quick experience on plug-and-play. The design of the 3-in-1 board includes an integrated HUB board, receipt card and power supply. The system also contains the 
Android operating the system, making it easy to navigate and run.


Optimum ease of use
No complicated IT configuration required. The IPTEC LED Wall plug-and-play includes user-friendly UI, a remote control operation, automatic setup and one-button fast start feature.
Quick Maintenance & Service
IPTEC facilitates individual wall tiles hot-swapping and provides users with 
access to one-stop technical service and assistance anytime they need it.

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